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Medieval Town Builder's Handbook
The handbook that supplies the hobbyist, educator, and Medieval enthusiast
techniques and guides for the construction of medieval towns.
"The Medieval Town Builder's Handbook "
By Trent Stephens
The Medieval Town Builder's Handbook
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The Medieval Town Builder’s Handbook contains hundreds of buildings waiting to be discovered. By mixing and matching building parts, an almost unlimited number of buildings may be constructed. One of the most common house-building techniques in the Middle Ages was the wattle and daub house.

These houses were built of timber frames with spaces between the beams filled in with woven branches (wattle) plastered over by clay and straw (daub) and then whitewashed. The handbook provides many examples of wattle and daub buildings. Buildings made of brick or stone are also included. The plans can be printed onto card stock, cut out, and assembled.

These buildings may be used for building medieval to renaissance towns, or as buildings around or within a castle. Plans for card stock gates, walls, and towers are also provided so that town walls may be constructed. Towns can be used in the classroom to enhance education, for Medieval or Shakespeare period dioramas, for war gaming settings, or for simple enjoyment.


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