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Moorland Keep

Moorland Keep was built by Sir Roger de Broyce in 1174 on the southern coast of Wales. Sir Roger was one of the early Marcher Lords of the area. The castle is also reminiscent of the late 11th century “naked” tower castle featured in the movie, “The War Lord,” staring Charlton Heston, screenplay by John Collier and Millard Kaufman, produced by Walter Seltzer, and directed by Franklin Schaffner. The castle was the property of Duke William of Gant, placed along the southern coast of Normandy to guard against Friesian raiders. The castellan was the knight Sir Chrisigon de la Croux.

Moorland KeepThe keep is a single massive tower with four floors. The upper floor is exposed to the outside and surrounded by battlements. The keep is entered on the lower floor by means of a drawbridge from the barbican. A storage room and dungeon are located below the lower floor. The only access to this room is by means of a trap door in the floor above and a wooden ladder.

The keep is constructed from individual sections so that the arrow loops and stairs can be easily installed. Pages three, four, and five illustrate the construction of the keep. Page three illustrates the pattern for the grooves to be cut in each section. The arrow slits are cut completely through each section so that they fit between sections with a wide opening to the inside and a very narrow opening to the outside. Slots for the floors (wide slots) and stairs (narrow slots) are cut only ¼” into each section. It is suggested that each section be numbered for easy assembly after the sections have been cut. Note that sections 4, 5, and 6 are incomplete at the door opening and that sections 3 and 7 have holes drilled for the drawbridge bar.

Page four illustrates the manner in which each section is to be cut (excluding notches for the arrow slits and stairs). Page five illustrates the manner in which the floor, drawbridge and stairs are to be cut. Note that one of the four floor pieces is to be left solid with no stairway opening cut in it. This is to be the main floor of the castle. If you wish to add an additional touch of realism, a trap door can be created in this floor to provide access to the storage room and dungeon below. One can also construct a ladder to place in the dungeon.
Note also that a 1/16” hole is to be drilled through the drawbridge at one end and that a small brass bar 3” long can be slid through the hole. The drawbridge can then hinge around the pin. The plans on page five (unlike the other plans in this set, which are all ½ scale) are drawn actual size.

Pages six and seven illustrate the construction of the barbican. Each section is indicated by a letter which is keyed to the overall view of the barbican on page seven. All grooves for walks and floor are to be cut ¼” deep.

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