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Murder In Morgue Castle

Murder in Morgue Castle
Game Description


You’re invited to a dinner party at a dark and dreary, or bright and beautiful castle, depending on your perspective, in England about 1365, during the late medieval period. King Edward III, who is tall and handsome with golden-red hair, has reigned over England for nearly forty years and is well-loved by his subjects. The Black Plague occurred about twenty years ago, killing one-third of England’s population. As a result of a decreased work force, power is slipping away from the aristocracy toward the working class, and many working class people have been able to move in on abandoned estates and claim them as their own. As a result, there are new aristocracy who don’t really belong – if you get my drift. The Game can be played with or without the dinner, it's great fun either way!

Murder In Morgue Castle

“Dear Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, welcome to Morgue Castle. You are all seated by rank, with the most important Knight and Lady seated nearest the head of the table.” [Indicate where that “head” is located.] “If you believe your seating was in error, you may negotiate with your neighbor for a seat of higher honor.” [In reality, the guests are seated randomly and each is given a card indicating that he or she is the most important person at the party. Enjoy the chaos that follows.]

“I am afraid that one of our guests is dead. Sir Magnus Corpus was seen arriving at the castle but has failed to come into the great hall for dinner. His lifeless body has been discovered lying at the base of the wall below the guardrobe [toilet] shoot. Furthermore, he was found with the guardrobe seat around his neck. Someone apparently tried to stuff him down the shoot but he didn’t fit through the toilet hole. This is obviously a case of murder. In addition, it now appears, according to my captain of the guard, that you are all suspects in the murder of Sir Magnus Corpus. Someone in this room had a motive for murder. Was it you Sir Ivanalaby, or maybe you Lady Skreemsalot? Also, I am informed that Sir Corpus may not have been killed in the guardrobe. It is possible that he was killed elsewhere and his body then stuffed down the guardrobe shoot. Further, the murder weapon is missing and must be found…. I do hope each of you will help solve this ghastly murder. We need to discover which of you is the murderer, with what weapon, at what location, and for what motive.” Enjoy your dinner and a murder. The menu and some recipes are included with the game.

* NOTE* - The game is a PDF download and the contents of the game is suggested to printed off using a color inkjet or color laser printer (though it is not necessary if one is not available, printing in grayscale will also work just fine).

Game Contents Includeded with Murder in Morgue Castle PDF Download:

  • List of Items Needed For The Game
  • Game Instructions
  • Dinner Menu
  • Guest Invitations
  • Guest Invitation Envelopes
  • Character Cards
  • Person Cards
  • Person Clue Cards
  • Location Cards
  • Location Clue Cards
  • Motive Cards
  • Motive Clue Cards
  • Weapon Cards
  • Weapon Clue Cards
  • Score Sheet
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