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Norman Castle

This paper cutout (cardstock) model of a Norman Castle is designed after the general Norman style of castles, where all the towers are square. The keep has four square towers and is suggestive of the keeps at Dover Castle and the Tower of London. Round towers were introduced into castle construction at a later period (around 1100). The use of square towers makes this castle model relatively easy to build.

Norman Castle

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The first stone keeps built by the Normans after the Battle of Hastings in 1066 usually had four square towers with wall sections in between. The Tower of London and the keep at Dover are classic examples of these towers. The plans for the Norman keep and surrounding walls can be printed onto paper or card stock, cut out, and quickly and easily assembled. The castle may be left white as several castles were actually painted white. Alternatively, the castle can be painted with grey primer, textured spray paint, and then more primer (care must be taken not to spray on too much paint, which can make the cardstock wet).

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